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A Stoners Opinion #2: Grav Labs Bongs

Grav Labs Bongs Are you familiar with scientific glassware? Do you want to know the elite manufacturing company that will provide you with utmost quality of scientific glassware? If so, this is the perfect time for you to know and learn more about Grav Labs Bongs. This company was founded in 2004 and it is […]

Grace Glass Bongs Review

Grace Bongs has stood the test of time… There are many different types of bongs available. There are literally thousands of bong companies worldwide. One of the famous companies that produce these bongs is called Grace Glass. They specialize in high quality, detailed bongs. While deciding on a bong can be a tough choice, Grace […]

Rokit V5: First Look

In a sea of bongs, the Rokit V5 stands out as the champion. With Red Eye’s one-of-a-kind filtration system, you can expect a clean, cool smoke, which makes any other bong, look like something out the Stone Age.  What’s unique about the filtration system is that is works by moving the smoke through a 14-port […]