Grace Glass Bongs Review

Grace Bongs has stood the test of time…

There are many different types of bongs available. There are literally thousands of bong companies worldwide. One of the famous companies that produce these bongs is called Grace Glass. They specialize in high quality, detailed bongs. While deciding on a bong can be a tough choice, Grace Glass makes it an even tougher decision by offering cheap prices and accessories to go with your bong. Here is a selection of some of the best bongs created by Grace Glass.

The Best Bongs by Grace Glass

One of the best bongs made available by Grace Glass is called the Spiral Perc Bong. It comes in standard, in a clear, durable made glass. Inside you will see a spiraling helix that is black in color that draws in smoke when you hit it. Both helix ends funnel towards the top. When you are smoking, the top half of the bong will fill up with smoke from the helix design. It comes with a slider and also a kit to keep it clean and to look good as new. As far as bongs go, the price is only 68 dollars and 12 cents, which is not a bad deal for such a high quality piece.

Another great choice for a bong is called the Grace Glass Clear 10 Arm Tree Percolator Bong. This tall bong is completely clear all the way through. The design is glass that is flanged all the way through the middle for a comfortable grip while you are using it. This piece also comes with a slider and black hard plastic carrying case; so that you can be sure your bong will be safe wherever you go. With a $122.37 dollar price tag, you can’t go wrong.

My personal favorite of all the bongs offered by Grace Glass is called the Stemless Colored 8 Armed Tree Percolator Bong. This brilliantly made bong has shades of black and grey throughout it giving it a modern look. At the same time, it is also stemless. This means you will not have to ever worry about being forced to purchase a new stem because the old one cracked or shattered. The mouthpiece is a soft black plastic that makes it very comfortable for daily use. It also comes with a black leather carrying case with restraints. This is perfect for ensuring your bong will remain safe while you are on the go. The price on this bong is $117.72. You will always pay for quality, but this was a steal. Keep in mind that since this is also one of the most popular models by Grace Glass, it is often out of stock. As long as you set up an email notification, you will be emailed as soon as they come into stock so that you can get your hands on one of these or the other great bongs offered by Grace Glass.

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