A Stoners Opinion #2: Grav Labs Bongs

Grav Labs Bongs


Are you familiar with scientific glassware? Do you want to know the elite manufacturing company that will provide you with utmost quality of scientific glassware? If so, this is the perfect time for you to know and learn more about Grav Labs Bongs. This company was founded in 2004 and it is located in Austin, Texas. Grav Labs Bongs will guarantee their valued clients that they will provide them with affordable, functional and stylish glass that will suit with their taste, demands, expectations and budget.

In connection with this, Grav Labs Bongs will also offer you with handmade craftsmanship and quality and you can be sure that most of their products are sturdy, solid and durable that has the ability to last for a long period of time. Grav Labs Bongs is also recognized for their modern range of bongs and Helix pipes. They are composed of professional glass blowers and this is one of the reasons why they are well-known on providing unique and innovative products to the market.

If you are looking for a qualified manufacturing company of scientific glass, Grav Labs Bongs must be your top choice and rest assured that you will surely love their products. In order for you to be more familiar with their company as well as their products, here are some of the top seller products of Grav Labs Bongs.

The Top Selling Grav Labs Bongs

Ash Catchers

This is one of their top seller products since it is creatively made from durable and light- weight tubing that will perfectly fit in your water pipe. The ash catchers can easily be clean by simply removing the bowl and downstem. The standard type of the product comes with bowl and showerhead downstem that you will surely love. The product also comes with reasonable price that will fit with your budget and you can be sure that the product will keep hold of your piece safe and clean.

Basic Bubblers

The product is available in four sizes and it is functional and stylish. When Grav Labs Bongs launched the basic bubblers in the market, it becomes one of the popular products of scientific glass. Most of their respected clients really love the sizes of the product that comes from downstems, patented, standard size and mini size. If you are searching for a durable and simple bubbler, the Grav Labs Bongs is the best one that you should consider.

Grav Blunts

The product is derived from heavy tubing that is also available in 2 sizes. You will also love the modern design and rubber fittings of Glav Blunts. Apart from that, the product is fun and functional and it is creatively designed and developed by Grav.

Grav Tubes

Grav Tubes comes with three standard sizes that include stemless, flare and beaker. The stemless size will offer you with percolation benefit however they will also provide you with downstem upgrade and extra perk. The flare standard size is made with huge flare base that will give you with superior stability. The beaker tube is considered as one of the latest favorites of their valued clients. The product includes bowl and downstem. Grav tubes underwent the mold process and this is one of the reasons why the product is strong and thick.


Handpipes include the spoons and sherlocks that are well-known in giving utmost smoking experience. It also comes with mini size and large size that you can choose from. The product comes with 32mm tubing and heavy wall. The product also comes with various colors that you can opt from.

Worked Handpipes

Grav Labs Bongs will also offer you with their Grav spoons that come with Wigwag style and reversal color. These sturdy and fun spoons come with 32mm thick and the product features the ash catcher and inverted cone.


The product comes with several types and it is also considered as one of the best sellers in the industry of scientific glass. Most people want to buy the Helix product since they are amazed about the smoke motion that is being created by the so called micro-holes. These holes are the one that is responsible in producing air-intake. Furthermore, the result is known as aeration process that will give you with three useful benefits that include:

  • Slows the conserving and burning of tobacco
  • The air infusion will create smoother draw
  • It has the ability to create captivating swirling motion just like tornado


If you are planning to build your own NANO army, the latest Grav Nanos must be your top priority. The product comes with three styles of non perc nanos that measures 38×4 tubing and four styles of tree perc nanos with a size of 38×4 tubing.


STAX is considered as the leading functional edge in the industry of glassware. The product is defigned by Grav Labs Bongs and in the recent year, there are launching three mouthpiece options, four filter options and three base options. Grav Labs Bongs will also provide you with conversion bubbler kit that will give you a chance to convert flare bases and breaker to form a distinctive and elegant scientific bubbler. The Grav Labs Bongs also make use of modular system especially in processing their STAX product.

The Gravitron

In making their Gravitron, Grav Labs Bongs make use of all gravity glass system that is associated with custom box and bowl. The product is considered as the first reasonable gravity smoking scheme and efficient device that is widely available in the market. With the custom box, you can easily move around the product. The package also includes the simple instructions on how to make use of the product. You can be sure that you are protected when you use the product since it has protective padding.

If you want to avail one of the best seller products of Grav Labs Bongs, all you have to do is to visit their website at http://www.airgravitron.com/ and rest assured that they will be glad to hear from you.


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