Illadelph Bongs: Are they as good as they say?

Illadelph Glass, a Leader in Custom Glass Pipes

They have been known in the glass pipe industry as a maker of high quality glass water pipes. It has been in the business since 2002 and has managed to keep up with technology in order to keep its spot among the leaders in the industry.

Illadelph bongs are made through a combination of glass blowing techniques and imagination of their artists. They continue to reinvent their glass products to keep its status within the glass industry. The company continues to expand its products as they collaborate with top American artists.

Illadelph Glass New Technology

There are several cutting edge technologies that Illadelph has brought to the glass pipe industry. These are Up Stem Ash Catchers, Coil Condensers, Dis Perc Technology, Pyramid Percs, and Multi-Hole Bowl Designs. The company was also responsible for introducing the use of Heat Wands with Hot-Hit Bowl Designs. These are the technologies that have become industry standards and brought the industry to new heights.

Illadelph Bongs Made in America

The company is proud to make all its products from its facilities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It utilizes die cut packaging and clips that are also proudly American made. They have a partnership with one of the last remaining joint makers in the US that allowed Illadelph bongs to have thicker and more resilient joint design. The company’s bong designs come in various sizes and colors. They also ensure that customers are satisfied with the products.

Illadelph Glass Products

Illadelph Glass has a wide range of glass bongs. One of them is the Frosted Clear Coil Glass Water Pipe. It has a detachable coil condenser that contains glycerin, which lets the detachable neck be placed in the fridge or freezer to chill the glycerin. It also comes in Black Coil and Rasta coil designs.

If you are looking for a medium-sized Illadelph bongs, then choose the Medium Beaker Glass Water Pipe. It features the Illadelph logo in various colors. You can choose from orange, red, Rasta, green, Woodgrain, blue, Platinum, and reverse frosted.

The company also offers a Glass Spoon Pipe, which is an art glass masterpiece. It features Illadelph Glass’ 5-hole slide that prevents the need for a screen and gives a smooth, cooling smoke. The Glass Spoon Pipe has more capacity compared to its Chillum pipe. Its mouthpiece and bowl are cobalt blue while the stem is clear. It is a single piece that has been hand blown utilizing borosilicate glass.

These are just some of the products that Illadelph Glass has to offer. You should definitely keep these in mind the next time you are looking for quality bongs. They also have storage jars to keep your stash fresh for a long time.

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