Rokit V5: First Look

In a sea of bongs, the Rokit V5 stands out as the champion.

With Red Eye’s one-of-a-kind filtration system, you can expect a clean, cool smoke, which makes any other bong, look like something out the Stone Age.  What’s unique about the filtration system is that is works by moving the smoke through a 14-port dual chamber rose.  This splits the smoke into a thousand bubbles.  To prevent decay or corrosion, all of the internal components are manufactured using stainless steel.

If a high standard bong is important to you, you can rest assured that the Rokit V5 consists of 13 components, all hand finished.  The quality doesn’t get any better than this.  The design is practically genius.  With a borosilicate glass chamber that is grounded at both ends and a quad ring seal within the cylinder, this bong has an airtight fit.  They’ve also gone ahead and tapered the bowl and mouthpiece to be extremely efficient.

To go above beyond, the Rokit V65 comes in a variety of colors and comes in a customized flight case, which includes Red Eye gauzes and a bottle of Red Eye pipe cleaner.

To make the smoking experience more enjoyable, the quality of bong you use has to come into play.  With the Rokit V5, you’ll never have to worry about the bong itself with its quality components and smart design.  All you’ll have to worry about is sitting back and having a relaxing smoke.  






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