Grace Glass 7mm Ice Black Powder Beaker Bong

Grace Glass 7mm Ice Black Powder Beaker Bong


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Product Description

High quality at a great price!

7 mm heat-resistant borosilicate glass

Reinforced solid tank joint

29.2mm> 18.8 mm diffuser 6 arm percolator Downstem

18.8mm glass bowl with handle

Ice notches

Grace logo on the tube in various colors (subject to availability)

Carb hole with rubber carb stopper includedGrace Glass 7mm Beaker Bong Ice Black Powder This 7mm thick borosilicate glass, Grace Glass Black Powder glass ice bong is a great value for your money. The glass thickness 7 mm and stable base glass will last a year and can withstand some rough handling. The articulation of the tank is equipped with a reinforced 29.2mm 29.2mm inside cut> 18.8 mm Diffuser Downstem 6 arm percolator and 18.8mm bowl sliding glass handle for easy handling. 6 arm percolator Downstem slotted diffuser provides filtering and dissemination of smoke, and ice notches in the pipe may contain some more cubes to cool, gentle. This powder coated black glass bong comes with a carb hole with a rubber stopper in carbohydrates, so you have the option to use it when it is preferred that. The bong has a logo of Grace in the tube of the pipe in white, blue or orange as available.

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