Weed Star - Big Fat Joe Glass Tube - 29.2mm

Weed Star – Big Fat Joe Glass Tube – 29.2mm


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Product Description

Large circle for extra volume – Not for beginners!

Straight cylinder tube

Network Weed Star Logo

Slitted Diffuser Downstem (12.5 cm) and funnel bowl

No ice notches

Carb holeWeed Star – Big Fat Joe Glass Tube – chubby 29.2mm Spare your friends and save all their best jokes for Big Fat Fat Joe, cylinder tube straight Weed Star featuring a lung-busting challenge for smokers experienced! At 50cm tall and 65cm wide, high volume chamber capacity of this tube is filled with so much smoke you can take off to practice! It comes with a diffuser made Downstem and bowl with a funnel rollstopper all with a 29.2mm joint. Weed Star logo is applied along the cylinder in red with black outline.

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