Cannaline Glass Stash Jar - Writables - THC Molecule - Pink

Cannaline Glass Stash Jar – Writables – THC Molecule – Pink


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Product Description

Cool and cobrable glass jar Cannaline game!

High quality borosilicate glass

Tight seal

Color printed image of the molecule THC

Re-writing white label areaCannaline Glass Stash Jar – Writables – THC molecule – Pink Writables series of Cannaline this item glass bottle has a color label printed on the front with the molecular structure of THC, together with an area of ??white label incessantly wiped clean and written back whenever you have a different strain of cannabis store. Made of glass borosilcate quality, this bottle has starting around the eighth of an ounce of grass, and the lid fits firmly to keep your stash fresh and aromatic. Cannaline is a leading supplier of glass bottles heading for the medical marijuana industry, which helps to maintain the freshness and power of medicine, and this glass is perfect for anyone who wants to keep hiding mouth fragrant pot-eye!

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