Grav Labs - Direct Inject Nano 8-arm Perc Vapor Tube

Grav Labs – Direct Inject Nano 8-arm Perc Vapor Tube


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Product Description

Tree perc glass tube steam scientist from Grav labs!

Made in the USA, ships U.S.

Stable round base

8 arm tree perc Slitted

Board 10mm male

Top loading steam dome nut 10mm Board

Key threaded titanium 10mm

No carb hole

Choose Grav Labs decal color (if available) Grav Labs – Direct Inject Nano 8 arm Perc Vapor Tube This Straight Natural Nano tube 8 arm Perc gravel Laboratories is the U.S. (Austin, Texas) using glass High quality borosilicate only. A walk round stable joint and flared 10mm micro filter, this thin tube and record laboratories around the 38mm is solid, strong and convenient to use. 8 arm tree perc is small but powerful enough to provide chilled, smooth strokes. Designed for smoking concentrates, this piece has a 10mm male connection and comes complete with a steam dome 10mm and 10mm threaded titanium nail concentrate. The decal is applied Nano Grav Labs tube in black, blue, red or green, depending on availability.

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