Grav Labs Glass Blunt - Large

Grav Labs Glass Blunt – Large


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Product Description

Ron simple and convenient glass from Grav labs!

Made in the USA, ships U.S.

High quality borosilicate glass

Round nozzle

Can also be used to vaporize

Choose Grav Labs decal color (if available) Grav labs Glass Blunt – Large No time to make a? Using this strong glass could not be easier! Just slide the inner tube, fill the chamber with grass and light up! Push the tube in which to push smoke the ashes. Crafted by Grav Labs in Austin, Texas using high quality borosilicate glass, this is a “wrap” rum and smoking can be filled again and again! You can also use this glass tube for vaping placing the material inside the pipe smoke and illumination from below instead of applying the flame directly on the plant material of the tip open. This large glass of strong measures approximately 4 inches long with the inner tube to push everything into the gravel labs logo decal is applied along the tube in red, green, black, blue, orange or recorded. Choose color when ordering (subject to availability).

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