Grav Labs - The Phoenix Ash Catcher - 90 Degree Joint

Grav Labs – The Phoenix Ash Catcher – 90 Degree Joint


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Product Description

Clean lines and percolation in a stemless design, engraving labs!

Made in the USA, ships U.S.

High quality borosilicate glass

18.8mm funnel bowl

Ideal for tubes stemless

Choose 14.5mm or 18.8mm joint size

Choose Grav Labs decal color (if available) Grav Labs – Phoenix collector ash – 90 tubes stemless Double degree equal Grav Labs The Phoenix stemless ash receiver is made in the USA using quality laboratory glass borosilicate transparent characteristics of forced circulation with clean lines and not too much bulk. No need downstem, and these pieces comes with a 18.8mm funnel bowl. The cover glass on glass allow to pop some ice chamber, which is designed to get dirty and keep your connection clean! Grav labs apply a color sticker on the tube in orange black, blue, red, green, or recorded as a discount. Choose 14.5mm or size of the board with the order. The articulation of 90 degrees is ideal for this piece stemmed pipe.

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