Glass Pendant Hemp Necklace - Zig-Zag Ball

Glass Pendant Hemp Necklace – Zig-Zag Ball


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Product Description

Molino Glass Jewelry handmade from Pyrex glass. With carefully selected colors and exciting designs crafted by Molino And professional glass artists, Molino Glass Jewelry is a unique, durable and high quality products. Each pendant handmade, so size may vary slightly.

This Molino Glass Zig Zag-Ball Pendant rounded to perfection. Glass ball comes in a variety of bright colors and zigzag pattern cut diameter pendant. It is smooth and beautiful pendant that will look fantastic against the skin and a large selection of colors to fit any scheme fashion!

Zig Zag-Ball pendant comes with a 45cm long 100% natural hemp necklace, providing comfort and security when wearing.

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