420 UV Droppers - Silver Leaf
420 UV Droppers - Silver Leaf

420 UV Droppers – Silver Leaf


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Product Description

UV drip is just what the doctor ordered for storing tinctures. UV glass keeps the visible light from entering the pipette and corrupt tincture, so ensure the freshness of your liquid inside. Droppers comes in 4 sizes (X-small, small, medium and large.) The container is sealed tight air above, which also keeps its content fresh.

These banks include solo silver cannabis letter logo.


X Small

Height 3.125 inches / 7.9cm

Width 0.875 inches / 2.1cm

Capacity: 5 ml


Height 3.75 inch / 9.4cm

Width, 0.9375 inch / 2.4 cm

Capacity: 10 ml


Height 4 inch / 10.4cm

Width 1.375 inches / 3.4cm

Capacity: 30ml

Great –

Height 5.25 inch / 13 cm

Width 1.5 inch / 3.7 cm

Capacity: 50 ml

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