Alivi8 Vaporizer

Alivi8 Vaporizer


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Product Description

All new fully portable Alivi8 vaporizer is small enough to fit in your pocket and requires no warm up time. Alivi8 based on the ever popular Red-Eye shocked NASA uses Technology in order to be able to safely vaporize your favorite herbs.

Alivi8 made of high quality medical stainless steel, which is totally inert and ensures that the evaporator will take years and years of reliable service. By gently heating the plant material chosen this beautifully designed evaporator then cools the couple through its patented technology by fumes.

A vaporizer is any easier really cutting edge in its use of space-age insulation and heat transfer properties. Unique material in ysparytelnuyu camera ensures that your plant material never comes in contact with an open flame. Get Alivi8, fully portable vaporizer and enjoy evaporation anywhere!

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