Vaporfection Vaporizer Black
Vaporfection Vaporizer Black

Vaporfection Vaporizer Black


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Product Description

Vaporfection evaporator in Black

For once the volcano has been the de facto choice for most evaporator connoiseurs but we have a feeling that serious VAP Chapter would love to get there hands on the new Vaporfection evaporator.

Finish and quality of this touch screen with adjustable temperature evaporator is first class on the market today. Vaporfection uses hot air just like a volcano, but unlike the volcano it can be represented by the stick of grass installed in the chamber half way whip making for a smoother experience Vaping, without the heat you would expect from forced air evaporator.

Panel of Vapurfection beautiful touchscreen that allows you to set the temperature to within one degree of your desired pace vapping. With such precision control your herbs last much longer, because you can control the evaporation of essential oils for sure. Its brillaint piece of vaporization technology and priced to sell.

Gift box it comes in the evaporator makes it the perfect gift for the discerning lovers of steam.

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