Extreme Q Vaporizer - Hands Free Digital Vaporizer - Midnight Chrome

Extreme Q Vaporizer – Hands Free Digital Vaporizer – Midnight Chrome


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Product Description

Hands Free Vaporizer desktop, Ariza!

Made in Canada, the U.S. ships

Using bag balloon whip or steam shower aromatherapy potpourri

System of three fan speeds and remote control

Extra-long medical grade whip steam

Displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Automatic disconnection of the temperature and memory recall

Included Accessories

User manual

Manufacturer warrantyExtreme Q Vaporizer – Hands Free Digital Vaporizer – The Midnight Chrome Desktop Extreme Q Vaporizer is a multifunctional and efficient unit that can be used to vaporize a bag balloon whisk attachment or with steam shower medley included as unit aromatherapy environment. Its stainless steel casing has a ceramic heating element with a quick two-minute warm-up time. Its three-speed fan system controls the density of the steam, and can be operated by remote control. A frosted glass in board whip steam quality medical and extra long top allows easy hands free use. The digital display backlight displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and the unit has automatic safety shutdown and memory retrieval of temperature. This updated model 2012 Extreme Q Vaporizer comes with: power cord with U.S. plug, remote control, both balloon kits balloon glass filters and O-ring, pipe food grade vinyl vapor whip, whip two filters glass cyclone 2 glass bowls, a bowl of potpourri glass screen replacement tool of agitation and instruction manual.

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