Vaporite "Hyper" Dual Digital Vaporizer

Vaporite “Hyper” Dual Digital Vaporizer


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Product Description

Heavy-duty herbal vaporizer with digital features and remote control!

Voltage: 110 V mains in North America

Ceramic Heater

Temperature Control: Celsius and Fahrenheit

Dual digital display of temperature


Aroma lamp parts and other accessories included

Manufacturer Warranty CardVaporite “Hyper” Dual Digital Vaporizer The “Hyper” spray / freshener Vaporite is a high performance machine in black metal frame. The ceramic heating element is controlled by a chin and is controlled by a dual LED digital display of temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), which displays both actual and set temperature. The unit beeps to alert once the temperature reaches the programmed Vape is ready to use! The power cord is included and has a standard plug for North America, and the aroma bulb can be used for heating aromatherapy oils. Other included accessories: hose adapter, remote control, stick cleaners, aroma lamp parts and instructions in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. His Vaporite vaporizer “Hyper” comes with a manufacturer warranty card valid for one year – just register your purchase with Vaporite within 10 days of receiving your new Vape!

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