Black Leaf - Vape-Lifter Glass Vaporizer Pipe

Black Leaf – Vape-Lifter Glass Vaporizer Pipe


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Product Description

Extending the pipe is a portable vaporizer hit!

High quality borosilicate glass

Full-Vape Lifter and Black logo

Wire mesh includedBlack Leaf – Glass Vape Vaporizer Pipe Lifter-This versatile tube begins to 9.5 cm long and extends like a telescope of 15 cm, about 6 inches long! Any ordinary boat, the Vape-Lifter can switch from below and used as a vaporizer pipe, or lit from the front and a tube used as a normal hit. It requires no electricity, making it easy to carry in your pocket and perfect for soon! Logos-Vape Lifter and Black Leaf applied along the side of the pipe, and comes packed in a colored box for storage or to give as a gift. A metal mesh is included.

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