Silver Surfer Vaporizer
Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer


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Product Description

Silver Surfer Vaporizer is easy to use Vape. When thinking about buying VAP you should make sure that it is easy to use and offers good value. Silver Surfer Vap ticks all these boxes and more.

As one of the last steam engines to come out of the U.S. it built mainly using acrylic and aluminum, key features include Silver Surfer vaporizer glass marble temperature knob, which are made by hand with dressing stick, changeable color covers and auxiliary heater 1 minute ‘burden to Vape “time.

Ceramic coated heating element is 100% encased, and was designed to last longer, hotter, and reach the desired temperature more quickly, which is fully adjustable up to 450 degrees.

The advantage of such heating means teplorozpodilennya evenly distributed, and once on, the evaporator can be used all day (must be present of course). This system Vaping smokeless ensures that you can enjoy the VAP all day!

Of course, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer boasts very good build quality and check that ‘7 Floor LLC “Vol 3 year warranty on all purchases

Silver Surfer Vaporizer main selling point however, is customizability, and most parts are interchangeable colors meaning users can adapt them to your tastes evaporator

in addition a new innovative design means convenience is a top priority when the SSV was made, the new angle of the cylindrical structure means that no material does not fall inside the unit during use.

Vaporizer Silver Surfer Unit complete with:

Adjustable temperature knob Glass Art

-Solid Aluminum Case

Ceramic heating element

-Patent pending safety glass heating

-The indicator light

-10 ‘Power Cord

Removable acrylic based

Moreover, the rapid change wand comes with:

-Pipe connection

Screen area



-Patent application filed hourglass shape that allows the screen to stop

All of the above come packed in a fantastic Silver Surfer Hemp soft pouch for carrying and SSV manual stickers designed to make mobility and usability fun and easy!


NOTE: The European plugs only

DIMENSIONS: 16.5cm x 7.8cm

(Please note colors may vary carry cases)

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