Sasquatch Glass - Custom Hot Box Vapors Vaporizer

Sasquatch Glass – Custom Hot Box Vapors Vaporizer


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Product Description

Hot Box Vaporizer with Glass Sasquatch footprint!

Made in the USA, ships U.S.

Shell tile patented

Whip steam tube medical grade

Borosilicate glass 2-piece rod and filter

User manual

Manufacturer warrantySasquatch Glass – Custom Hot Box vaporizer steam stylish and easy to use, the box hot steam vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers on the market for beginners. This custom Hot Box vaporizer steam is decorated with the design of Sasquatch footprint of glass in his red, roof tile elegant black patent. The Hot Box vaporizer steam has a ceramic nichrome heating element length. Simply turn on the unit and will reach and maintain an optimum temperature of vaporization in less than five minutes. Safe tubes, medical grade whip used for steam and quality borosilicate glass for 2-piece glass rod and filter. Domes, o-ring replacement, poker stirring rod and a user’s manual included. Hot Box vaporizers are handmade in Orange County, California, and irritable black and red model was custom designed by Sasquatch glass manufacturer, scientific glass tubes and puppets in Seattle, Washington.

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