Volcano Vaporiser Digital
Volcano Vaporizer - Classic

Volcano Vaporizer – Classic


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Product Description

What a truly brilliant idea!

Volcano Vaporizer heats herbs and releases the vapor into a large plastic “balloon”. “Ball” has a valve at the end, so that when you accept a challenge, you can pass it to the next person. Each bag will give around 2 – 6 hits depending on your lung capacity.

Vaporizers offer the safest way to smoke any herbs and Volcano Vaporizer, possibly the best on the market. Volcano Vaporizer is used in many over the coffeeshop Amsterdam, he won first place in the cannabis Cup 2003 … we tried … and we like it!

All of Volcanoes EDIT available only with EU plug and comes complete with plug UK / EU.

Comes complete with:

1 valve

1 mouthpiece

1 Filling Chamber

1 Normal setting screen

1 Melitta Toppits stove hose 3m

Plug UK / EU

Comes with a choice of hard or Easy Valve set Valve.

Volcano Vaporizer also includes a free herbal grinder.

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