Evol Empire Glass Waterpipe - Zombie
Evol Empire Glass Waterpipe - Zombie

Evol Empire Glass Waterpipe – Zombie


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Product Description

Available for the first time online, Evol Empire glass!

We were able to get this piece of glass art from some of the most popular and talented artists out there – and the specter of Gordon. Based in Aurora, Illinois, and these fans bring a huge amount of experience to the table and this stunning water is a testament to that.

This is a straight tube has the signature style EVOL Empire. Plumbing has a fixed predohladitelya with removable daisy diffuser to smooth smoke first, which is then fed into the main feature of the work – Zombie Head!. Ghost and Gordon worked its magic on their X-Percentage Gridded percolator, working it into sinister but alluring zombies. Dead yellow eyes contrast perfectly with the pale green flesh, blood and mules droplets from the mouth modeled in red and green transparent glass, respectively. Neck Zombie flows seemlessly under X-Perc.

A simple signature Evol Empire gauzeless glass bowl comes with a piece and has its own built-in EE logo on the end of the handle slides.

Evol Empire Classic logo engraved on the neck slightly and the main body.

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