Illadelph Black Coil Glass Beaker Waterpipes
Illadelph Black Coil Glass Beaker Waterpipes

Illadelph Black Coil Glass Beaker Waterpipes


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Product Description

Introducing now clear Black Coil Illadelph Glass glass water pipe.

It has a removable water condenser, which is filled with glycerin. This allows a removable neck with water supply be placed in the freezer or refrigerator to allow the glycerin to cool. Bringing the two together gives you a perfect glass tube cooled smoking experience. Illadelph Glass made this pipe in two separate sections that come together to form a perfect whole. Caution should be taken not to choose this water neck, not keeping it in a glass base.

This glass art masterpiece was created Illadelph for water reservoirs with exquisite taste. Glass boasts Illadelph black shield logo on the neck.

Signature dicro solid marble on all premium Illadelph glass water pipes is also present in this part and has an abstract model. Black with platinum statement Illadelph logo adorns the neck piece and slide. Classic Illadelph glass bowl with signature three black beads on the side ends of the piece.

This part comes with Illadelph branded space case grinder as an extra cherry on top!

High quality, functionality and design, this is what Illadelph stand. This company has taken the market by storm glass waterpipes and established themselves as top innovators in the market catering suites. Never sacrificing quality for lower prices or superior performance, Illadelph Glass Waterpipes are on top of their game!

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