Pakoh - Boombox Bowl
Pakoh - Boombox Bowl

Pakoh – Boombox Bowl


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Product Description

“Boombox Bowl” on Pakoh another representative symbol of modern society put in a glass shape … the only difference is that this cup is much more useful than society 🙂

Boombox cup is a symbol of a generation, from street corners to studies Boombox graced the stage in music videos and movies throughout the 90’s and 00’s, and as such is considered by many to be an iconic representation generation.

This gorgeous glass bowl from the talented glassblower “Pakoh ‘, is a fully working design consists of stained glass and shaped in size 43 mm x 23 mm x 45 mm approximately.

Moreno glass has been designed to keep the marble coating that complements the style of Midnight Black Black perfectly.The complex deletion lines was sandblasted to a bowl and depicts the ‘old school’ or Boombox Ghetto Blaster, if you will, that comes complete with 2 base box column , cassette player, radio tuner and display the throughput, which is can be seen in front of the bowl.

Slot antenna and the power switch can be found at the top of a piece of living close to the bowl. All this is covered in extensive deletion lines covering the upper ridge of the bowl.

It should be noted that the back bowls also provided little additional styles, such as 2-pin power cable and the shameful signature “PaKoH ‘, which clearly emblazoned in the middle of the bowl.

All key detail was sandblasted and etched using colouring.The bowl sits on 14.5 joint, and really encapsulates the fusion of modern design with an attitude of modern society.

Definitely pleasure to behold and cherish purchase.

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