Blaze Glass - Beaker Base 5mm Glass Bong - Cobalt Blue

Blaze Glass – Beaker Base 5mm Glass Bong – Cobalt Blue


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Product Description

Basic base glass bong-5mm thick blue glass, Blaze Glass!

High quality borosilicate glass

In Diffuser Downstem cut grooved

Ideal Downstem length: 12.8cm / 5 inches

Container glass

High gloss Silver Blaze Glass logo

Carb hole with rubber carb stopperBlaze Glass – Beaker Base Bong 5mm – This cobalt blue base glass bong basic Blaze Glass is luxurious cobalt blue glass 5 mm thick, with a simple but strong, convenient filter and extra thick reinforced 18.8 mm glass on glass board for durability. This piece has a carb hole with a rubber plug included in carbohydrates, and is equipped with a 18.8mm inside cut> 14.5mm diffuser downstem and make a bowl of glass slides 14.5mm. The Blaze Glass logo is applied through the tube in silver high gloss.

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