Blaze Glass - Black Dominion - Double 8-arm Perc Beaker Tube - Gold

Blaze Glass – Black Dominion – Double 8-arm Perc Beaker Tube – Gold


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Product Description

A glass tube with powder coated matte base and spreading powerful!

Gold base glass with stable powder coating

Tube black powder coated reinforced with filter

Two stacked, reinforced, torn trees PERCS 8 arms

Downstem slit diffuser 18.8mm> 14.5mm joint

Bowl with black powder coating Spacious rollstoppers

Ideal Downstem length: 14 cm / 5.5 inches

Blaze Glass logo in black on a clear section of black pipe

Ice notches

No carb holeBlaze Glass – Black Dominion – 8 arm Perc Beaker Double Tube – Gold really have to see and feel the matte powder coating in this water pipe Dominion Blaze Black Glass to appreciate its beauty, but the dissemination and Cooling features just enough to make it a must-have! The glass base holds high volume powder coating and gold, and has a range of 18.8 to 18.8mm> 14.5mm Diffuser Downstem slotted. The dish has a generous capacity and 14.5mm company rollstoppers marble. Based on two stacked trees PERCS 8 arms, with, ripped arms reinforced to disseminate and durability. The tube has three ice notches and black powder coating. 5 mm glass tube that is extra thick filtering comfortable. Along the tube, Blaze Glass logo is applied to the layer of black powder in a clear glass window.

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