'Blaze Glass' Clear Glass Bong - Beaker Base - 5mm

‘Blaze Glass’ Clear Glass Bong – Beaker Base – 5mm


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Product Description

Silver Polished Logo “Blaze Glass”

Bistable 18.8> 14.5 Joint

Spread the downstem

Ideal Downstem length: 13 cm / 5.1 inches

Carbstopper including rubber, three parts base glass bong functionalityThe Ice ‘Blaze Glass’ is made of transparent glass tubes 5mm thick and made with bistable sure grinding joints. This Ice bong comes with blue ice notches and logo ‘Blaze Glass’ in polished silver on the front cylinder water pipes. The design “Erl King” blasting on the basis of the water chamber. The adapter has a diffuser tip and logo ‘Blaze Glass’ silver applied in their own mother. A piece of super quality with exceptional nice cobalt color

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