Blaze Glass - Climax-b 2-Piece Fixed Stem Percolator Ice Bong

Blaze Glass – Climax-b 2-Piece Fixed Stem Percolator Ice Bong


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Product Description

Base 32 slots with dual cameras maximum cooling and spreading!

Strong base glass cone-shaped 7.0mm thick

Tube is interchangeable with Blaze Glass Mix and Match Bong Kit pieces

House of internal condensation

Stainless steel bowl and clip included

Climax-b logo ceramic high gloss silver

Ice notches

Carb hole with rubber carb-stopper includedBlaze Glass – Climax-b 2-Piece rod fixed Percolator Ice Bong This bong seriously weighing about 2,500 grams (more than 5.5 lbs.) And packed with features for the smoker who likes extra fresh and soft strokes bong! Composed of two pieces of glass, 7.0mm thick (which are interchangeable with Glass Mix and Match Percolator Bong Blaze game pieces), conical base glass has a set of 45 mm for the cylinder is fixed with a clip 45 mm stainless steel pipe made in Germany. Inside the base is the camera internal condensation, performed individually examined. It is attached directly to the cup and base for durability, and this is where the magic happens – the internal camera serves as a giant diffuser with 32 slots around its bottom edge! When you inhale, the water bubbles and condensation forms inside the inner chamber, creating a cool double tears that are softer than a cat in New Orleans jazz. Ice notches in the cylinder cool even smoke. The Blaze Glass logo is available at the base and bowl 18.8mm, logo and Climax-b transfer applies ceramic cylinder silver high gloss. This water pipe has a carb hole with rubber carb-stopper included.

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