Blaze Glass - Complete Mix and Match Kit - Disc Diffuser Base

Blaze Glass – Complete Mix and Match Kit – Disc Diffuser Base


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Product Description

Mix complete kit with the base game disc perc stemless!

High quality borosilicate glass

Stable base stemless glass 5 mm thick

Pieces interchangeable with other Mix and fitting kit

Disc diffuser plate glass green rows of holes

18.8mm clear glass bowl slide

45mm stainless steel clip set

Blaze Glass logo in the bowl and tubes in high gloss silver

Ice notches and black filter glass

No carb holeBlaze Glass – Mix and Match Complete Kit – Hard standing without diffuser Base A great way to start your collection of water pipes Mix and match or buy a variety of building blocks at one time, this team Full Blaze Glass features a 5mm thick base plate without foot green glass disc diffuser, and a tube short but not least, the black ice notches and a thick, comfortable black glass filter. The base has a frosted 18.8 mm and comes with a reinforced glass plate bowl 18.8mm wide. A stainless steel 45mm joint bong clip is included to keep the parts of your game bong remain firmly united, and these parts are interchangeable with other bases, tubes and extenders Crystal Blaze Mix and Match collection kit, or any combination and play a board game that fits 45 mm! The Blaze Glass logo is stamped on each piece in the game of high-gloss silver. With its own Kit Blaze Glass Mix and Match, success will not only smooth, bubble dreams, have endless possibilities for fun build-your-own-pipe!

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