Grace Glass Spiral Perc Bong - Blue
Grace Glass Spiral Perc Bong - Blue

Grace Glass Spiral Perc Bong – Blue


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Product Description

Quality manufacturing Grace Glass compete with the most famous brands in the market today.

This compact design has several key features of every passionate smoker looking cup base that provides a greater volume of water, and to ensure its stability at the same time.

The main distinguishing features are clearly blue PERC, blue glass, blue rim and blue bowl! Overall, a stunningly beautiful piece of glass bongs Grace boys. Downstem comes with a diffuser attachment for a shower as standard. Spiral PERC sitting in the chamber coolant that has ice levels above the dome making it a wonderful bom at cooling your smoke.

It Not all … This piece comes with a diffuser Downstem shower as standard, slice thickness 5 mm glass boroscilicate comes adorned with black logo and just oozes quality.

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