A Stoners Opinion #1: Weed Star Glass Bongs

Weed Star Glass Bongs Complete Review

There are a lot of glass bong manufacturers all throughout the world. But if you are looking for a company that has it all when it comes to these kinds of products, then you don’t need to look any further because Weed Star Glass Bongs is the best option that you’ve got.

The Company: Weed Star Glass Bongs

Weed Star Glass Bongs is a known creator and manufacturer of special smoker and glass smoking devices. Their glass products are using off the hook quality glasses that are not easily broken or damaged thus giving you what you the standards of what really hit is all about.

Aside from providing you quality glass bongs, these are also equipped with amazing features and come with different and beautiful designs you will absolutely love.

You will no longer be looking for others and taking other brands because they simply have it all.

Since the products of Weed Star Glass Bongs are really in high quality, they are getting a lot of good reviews and a wider range of clients. This is why they are making their way to success when it comes to glass bong manufacturing. Here are the glass bong products they are offering and one of their company’s best- sellers.

5 Cool Glass Bongs Crafted by the Weed Star Glass Bongs

Jonny- 3 Jet Tornado Super Helix

If you are looking for a glass bong that will surely blow you away then try Weed Star’s Jonny- 3 Jet Tornado Super Helix.

It is made with quality wise and high standard borosilicate glass designed with magnificent contoured body. The bong’s body consist of jets represented with three micro holes. These holes are the one creating the “Tornado” effect where the product got its name because of a vortex swirling that is created.

The “Tornado” will smoothly run into your throat as well as in your lungs giving you the hit you have been looking for a smoking device. You will not just only enjoy the hit of it but also how it fills the air beautifully which makes it fun to watch.

If you want to feel a cooler hit, this bong is equipped with ice holes where you can put ice cubes to make the smoke produced even cooler. You will not getting tired of holding this glass bong because it can stand on its own. It is standing on a glass of three feet along with 14.5mm downtube glass bowl as well as an ashcatcher.

Weed Star’s Big Fat Joe Glass Tube

If you are already a veteran in using smoking devices and your old device seems to be sucking you up already. It is time to change it, right men?

The perfect one for you is the Big Fat Glass Tube. Its body is straight made with cylinder tube and has the sticker of Weed Star on it. For extra volume, a wide girth is then provided to the users. Even though its appearance is simple and plain but behold yourself because it is ready to challenge you to bust your lungs out giving you the perfect and mind- blowing hit of your life. This is why it is not recommended for beginners.

It has a height of 50cm and a width of 65cm along with a downstem which has slitted diffuser, funnel bowl and a rollstopper all having 29.2mm joints.

Weed Star’s Triple Double Bubbler with Shower Head Percs.

Get crazy with the newest smoking device by Weed Star, the Triple Double Bubbler. It is consisting with twin chambers with showerhead percs built- in, doubling the fun with its twin bubbling feature. The main chamber’s downstem has a showerhead diffuser adapting a bi- stable joint with 29.2mm thick including a slide bowl made with 18.8mm glass. All the chambers are fantastically decorated with cool beads crafted from red glass.

Good thing about this glass bong, it is very comfortable and easy to hold because of its curved shaped tube leading you to a wider mouthpiece. Everyone will surely enjoy every hit you make with the triple double bubbler.

Messias Illusion 7mm Illusion Ice Color Perc 

This is crafted with a 7mm thick glass made from clear borosilicate. The glass tube is decorated with dazzling beads made with the Weed Star’s trademark Messias Illusion Glass. The tube has a diameter of 50-mm reinforced with a 5- arm slitted tree perc which filters the smoke.

If you want to have a cooler, smoother feeling of hit, this glass tube has ice notches that can hold ice tubes. The glass’ joints are equipped with 18.8 mm slitted diffuser in the downstem and a clear slide bowl made with 18.8mm glass.

Messias Illusion Beaker Base Bong 12-Arm Perc Spash –Blue

Be in loved with Weed Star’s Messias Illusion Series featuring the beaker base glass bong with 12- arm perc splash. It has blue accents and a big glass bowl which is beautifully coloured, as well as slit hole diffuser which breaks up the smoke into bubbles. After it is converted into bubbles it will now then travelling to the 12-arm percolator tree.

The glass bongs’ long tube is equipped with a mouthpiece providing a comfortable hit for the users. Get tantalized with the beads in blue made with classic glass surrounding near below the mouthpiece. You are getting an elegant feeling as well as a smooth hit through your throat and in your lungs.

With Weed Star Glass Bongs, their smoking devices are absolutely made and designed with quality glass. These are made by their very skilled and professional craftsmen thus rest assured, you will be given guaranteed 100% hit from their products every time you use it. Along with this, all the products are equipped with reasonable price making you not to think twice.

If you are interested all you need to do is to visit Weed Star Glass Bong website. There you will see more of the details of the products they are offering. You will surely be amazed of what they can bring you. Purchase their products now! You will not surely regret it.

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